Faculty and Staff


Bryan Helms – Principal

Joy Eubanks – Assistant Principal

Lamar Purifoy – Assistant Principal


Kim Parcher

Dean of Students:

Clarissa DeBose

Katie Pacetti

Guidance Counselors:

Briana Kelley – 9th and 10th Grade

Michelle Mikell – 11th and 12th Grade


Ruth Amar – Social Studies

Nicole Bailey – Science

Deborah Bishop – Math

Mary Bock – Math

1SG Gregory Bryant – JROTC

Jessica Cole – Social Studies

Douglas Cooley – Spanish

Clarissa DeBose – Personal Fitness

Jennifer DeLoach – Gifted

Thomas DeLoach – Welding

Gus Devereaux – Math

Eric Gibson – PE

Ann Hamilton – Art

Rebecca Harkey – Reading/English

Jeanie Houk – Agriculture

Wilfredo Irizarry – Band

Donna Johnson – Business & DCT/OJT

Anne Kanouse – ESE

Dr. Frances Lane – Science

Lizabeth Middleton – Social Studies

Lindsey Misamore – JFG

Hannah Ogle – Science

Brittani Phillips – AVID/Computer Science

Mindy Phillips – Math

CW2 Nealon Sears Jr – JROTC

Edward Smith – ESE PMH/TMH

Carmen Spears – Reading/History

Paul Stegall – Science

Gerald Swayze – Social Studies/Criminal Justice

Tonya Troiano – English

Andrew Tyson – Culinary Arts

Aaron Walker – English

Chad Walker – English

Samantha Webb - Health Science

Shana Westbury – Math

Ron Whitehurst – Math, Athletic Director

Kris Wykoff – English

Matthew Yancey – PE

John Zarczynski – English

Office Staff & Instructional Assistants

Nathan Eddins – Paraprofessional

Peggy Halsey – Paraprofessional

Annette Harrison – Dean's Office

Kathy Hoyt – Paraprofessional

Catherine Irizarry – Bookkeeper

Sandra Key – Data Clerk

James Lancaster – Paraprofessional

Nadine Lebron – Paraprofessional

Susan Michael – Executive Secretary

Leslie Smith – Front Desk

Stacy Smith – Paraprofessional

Sue Swire – Paraprofessional

Kim Troiano – Media Center

Stephanie Williams – Paraprofessional

Custodial Staff:

Laverne Isom – Head Custodian

Mary Ann Bridges

Evelyn Gibson

Willie O’Neal

Darlene Sheeks

Sean White

Cafeteria Staff:                        

Tina Perham - Manager

Maria Blevins

Catherine Fudo

Deborah Harper

Rebakah Hoyt

Gail McCoy

Reva McKillop

Kathryn Parker

Patricia Underwood